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Current LTC:USD Trading Fee at $0.20

Litecoin to USD

Above are the current Litecoin trading prices. We show the trading High, Low and Average for the current day as well as the latest Litecoin price in USD.

Our values are pulling automatically from a Litecoin trading exchange so please be patient if the pages take a second or 2 to load as they are getting you the latest prices from the server.

Our Litecoin to USD values come from the markets however we convert the other currencies form the USDollar rate uisng FX exchange rates.

Litecoin is considered the "Silver" version of Bitcoin, the world's leading crypto currency. To trade in Litecoin join one of the trade exchanges. You also need to download a Litecoin Wallet, which works the same as a Bitcoin virtual wallet but is on a different peer-to-peer network so has to be installed separately.

Litecoin to USD
The Litecoin blockchain differs from the Bitcoin block-chain in that it has more frequent blocks  to support more transactions on the network. This means merchants should get faster confirmations for their online products.

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Litecoin Exchange Rate

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